Create And Leverage Testimonials To
Sell With Ease

Turn your client results and turn them into binge-worthy testimonials and success stories that make selling effortless (and fun).


What's Included

By the end of this 2 hour workshop recording, you'll have a clear path and step-by-step guidance to:

  • The counter-intuitive way to get every client eager and excited to share a testimonial
  • Avoid testimonials that leave people saying “oh, that’s nice” (the kiss of death) and instead create compelling stories that leaves them saying “I need to hire you right now.”
  • The secret to using testimonials and success stories to break sales objections before they come up
  • Take the fear and discomfort out from being on camera (video testimonials are a must and we'll make it easy for you)
  • The exact interview questions and prompts to create a natural testimonial and avoid “interview mode”
  • Creating 20+ social proof assets from each client that can be leveraged online, offline, in-person, and more
  • Incorporate testimonials into every step of your sales funnel to seamlessly move cold traffic to leads to buyers to referrers
  • And finally, "the after video", a secret approach to 60 second testimonial videos that are responsible for generating multiple 5-figure deals for our clients
  • No wait, and finally, organize it all so your sales assets are just a single click away and accessible by everyone on your team
  • And much more!

Plus This Instant Momentum Generating Bonus

Instant Implementation + Delegation Kit ($397 Value)

A complete workbook, chock full of templates, swipe copy, and step-by-step instructions showing you how to get everything up and running smoothly so you can instantly implement or delegate your testimonial system to your VA, personal assistant, or marketing team.

Who Is This For?

This workshop is for Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, and Expert-based Businesses who help their clients achieve lasting results and want the easiest way for booking new dream clients.

This workshop is also for you if you:

  • Want to quit the marketing and social media hamster wheel
  • Feel like bragging about your own results is a tad bit inauthentic (and a bit tasteless to boot)
  • Are curious about how you can encourage your clients to celebrate their success while working with you
  • Want to be the obvious first choice, so your dream clients stop scrolling to your competition
  • Want the secret insight into testimonials and success stories that no one is talking about
  • Know that video stories are king, and want an easy roadmap for capturing and leveraging video testimonials into your marketing and sales

They Did It. So Can You.

Over and over again we’ve seen the Gift of Going Second System transform our clients’ businesses... and it will transform your business too.

Hi, We're Justin & Michelle

We love love love telling stories. 

Heck yes!

No wait, not our own—yours. And your clients.

We’ve been in the film and tv world telling stories from tv networks, creative agencies, corporations and brands alike for over a decade. Even won an Emmy in the process (that was neat).

These days we help service providers like yourself turn your incredible client results into non-stop selling machines that attract and book new dream clients with ease.

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Leverage Client Testimonials and Success Stories To Sell With Ease

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with the incredible insight and exact steps you should be taking immediately, just request a refund within 14 questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email us if you have any other questions

Reviews, if done right, are succinct client stories that help your prospects immediately determine if you are the right service provider for them...or not. They can be consumed in a quick glance, usually posted to review platforms, and are easier and often more automated than a testimonial. 

A testimonial on the other hand, allows you to go deep into a client’s journey and story. By having a person-to-person conversation, you can help guide the conversation to help them talk to exactly the right client with exactly the inspiration they need to hear to take the next step. These are targeted, purposeful, and personal.

Absolutely, it’s a no brainer. Think of what might happen if you take away just 1 actionable piece of advice, implement it, and connect with just 1 more dream client who books your services. This workshop will have already have paid for itself.

This workshop will have the biggest impact for any service industry where you have a person to person relationship with your client, and help them achieve a lasting transformation — whether it’s an external tangible transformation or an internal transformation. Coaches, consultants, architects, real estate brokers, even plumbers and electricians.

More than anything! People nowadays invest in trust. 20 years of experience might do that but really...if they don’t have the testimonials and case studies to show that they’re consistently delivering exceptional results to their clients but you do...who do you think online strangers might be more comfortable reaching out to? This is your chance to start early, start right, and start taking over the world. (again, figuratively).

It might be too early though, if you have yet to serve a small handful of clients at a high level though.

This is a live workshop where we walk you through the systems we use with our own one-on-clients. While we do take on a handful of clients to work closely with, our goal is to set you up to take this over (or delegate) seamlessly into your own company culture.

Once you sign up for the live workshop, you’ll have access to the workshop + any bonus materials we include forever. We will have the workshop replay available for everyone who purchases.

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with the incredible insight and exact steps you should be taking immediately, just request a refund within 14 questions asked.


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