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Meet Tasha

The fertility expert who’s using client testimonials to shake up her industry — without compromising her clients’ privacy or pressuring them to share their stories.


The Highlights


Tasha’s on a mission to disrupt the fertility industry and support millions of women through infertility, pregnancy, and birth.
Her clients adore her—but they’ve been hesitant to speak publicly (or even privately) about their fertility journey.
And without sharing their stories, Tasha was struggling to build momentum, cultivate trust with her followers, and make waves in her industry.


There’s no “one size fits all” testimonial process. What works for an agency is different than what works for an electrician, a lawyer, or a fertility coach.
With the Social Proof Club, Tasha created a win-win system. Now, she’s got a process for capturing, celebrating, and sharing her clients’ stories with the world—while protecting their mental health, their identities, and their privacy requests.


In just a few short months, Tasha has created 20x more “story assets” than the previous years of her business combined.
Her clients are excited to share their milestones (even the ‘small’ ones), and their stories have changed the way Tasha markets her mission.
Every success story gives Tasha more leverage to reach isolated women, help prospects understand the complexities of her work better, and tackle an industry that’s betting on silence.

“I have 20x more wins and tales and stories to tell of my clients.”—Tasha

In her coaching practice, Tasha has seen the same thing again and again: women feel alone. They feel like they’re the only ones experiencing infertility, miscarriages, and failed rounds of IVF. They feel like they’re the only ones shelling out thousands of dollars for painful procedures uncertain outcomes.

Tasha knew that this isolation impacted the women she worked with inside her programs. But she also knew that this isolation had far-reaching effects on the market as a whole…

struggling women just didn’t know where to go for answers.

And beyond that, infertility as a “taboo” topic was getting in the way of her ultimate vision: to disrupt an industry that takes advantage of hurting couples and doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

But she didn’t know how to get the word out (especially when none of her clients wanted to talk about their work together).

“I’ve always had a hard time in my business getting people to share that social proof...because then all the sudden they’re associated with a fertility coach.”—Tasha

No one wants to speak publicly about something as personal as infertility. It’s one thing to go on record and say that your personal trainer is awesome, or your interior designer did a great job.

It’s another thing to be open and vulnerable, publicly, with your infertility story.

So Tasha was at a crossroads.

She knew she needed to publish client stories. Their stories would be the catalyst for spreading the word, establishing market-wide trust and authority, changing the conversation around infertility, and disrupting an industry that preys on isolation.

But she didn’t know how to get women to SHARE those stories. And she wasn’t about to pressure, bribe, or guilt-trip the stories out of them.

Prior to the Social Proof Club, Tasha had a few social proof “assets.” A handful of her clients had given her reviews and testimonials—but only at the very end of the process. When they had a baby in their arms.

They’d say something positive, and general, and vague: “I worked with Tasha and I got pregnant.”

Of course, those results are awesome! But Tasha knew that one-sentence testimonials weren’t enough.

“I really wanted them to celebrate how brave they were to go through this fertility amazing they were as mothers even before the baby arrived…to endure this really long, disappointing, hard journey.”—Tasha

There are important milestones all along the way, and she wanted to celebrate those pieces of her clients’ journeys, too.

On top of that, she knew that sharing “the messy middle” of her client partnerships would help women in her audience feel more comfortable and confident in reaching out to her. Women didn’t just want to know if they’d end up with a successful pregnancy. They also wanted to know that they’d be respected, cared for, listened to, and understood. That the process towards motherhood didn’t have to totally suck.

But Tasha had nothing to show them, and that gap kept her audience guessing.

“And what you were able to teach me is how to create these stories, these wins—and not have to wait for the end of their fertility journey.”

To protect her client relationships and respect their rights to privacy, Tasha used the Gift of Going Second System that balances celebration (of milestones! of bravery! of choice!) and allowed anonymity.

In short: she makes sure her clients feel celebrated in their work together and feel safe to share anything—knowing their names and faces won’t be plastered all over the internet, without consent.

With our Story Milestone model, Tasha built feedback loops into her client relationships from the very beginning.

She created an environment of celebration in her program that made it easy and natural for her clients to share wins, struggles, milestones, new victories, and proud moments (so there’s no need to “hound” her clients for updates).

We also worked with her to create a publication process that honors her clients varying desires for privacy and/or anonymity.

Now, she can publish client stories on social media, post them to her website, or share them with news outlets without compromising the relationship…

…and those stories will create the brand awareness, audience trust, and industry disruption that she’s been working toward for years.

“In order to really be an industry disruptor...I need more systems like The Gift of Going Second to allow me to step out more and create this journey for the next 20 years.”—Tasha

From the very beginning, Tasha knew that social proof was the missing piece in her business.

She knew that powerful client stories would create the visibility, trust, opportunities, and industry disruption she’d been working towards.

But she didn’t know that the process to getting there could be so seamless (and that getting her most private clients to share their stories could be as simple as creating the right environment and leveraging the right system).

Now, with the Gift of Going Second System working for her ‘behind the scenes’ in her business, she’s freed up to focus on what’s important: affecting change in the fertility industry for decades to come.

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