Success Stories

Meet Nic

The operations consultant who’s using social proof to capture attention, build buzz, and close sales for a “boring” offer ($22,000 in revenue, and counting).  

The Highlights


Nic was running The System, a consultancy that helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs operationalize, automate, and efficiently scale their businesses.
Despite dozens of happy clients and a strong track record, they had a growth problem. They couldn’t get cold traffic to convert and they didn’t want to rely on their referral network forever.
But no matter what marketing tactics Nic implemented, it just didn’t seem like people were interested in an operations-focused offer.


When Nic started using the Gift of Going Second System to document and share client success stories, their entire sales process shifted.
They stopped trying to market their (brilliant) processes and operational models and their clients’ improved metrics and “end data.”
And they started sharing the whole journey, the start to finish transformation, and the (sexy) results that their (unsexy) offer creates.


Now, Nic’s built specific client stories into key “checkpoints” in The System’s sales process (so prospects see the right stories at the right times).
Over and over, people see the stories, book a call, and enroll.
The stories do the heavy lifting of building trust, generating buzz, and getting people ready to buy.
Now they now have the leverage to scale their sales without being pushy or ‘marketer-y.’   

“The social proof system that has been set up to capture stories throughout the entire journey is brilliant.”—Nic

When entrepreneurs hear Nic talk about productivity theories, fulfillment optimization, and a dozen other processes that The System uses to help their clients cut back on work hours while doubling profitability…

…it all sounds great. But everyone thinks they’re the exception. They think their market is different, their temperament is different, or their output is different. So they tell him: “there’s no way MY business could be built into a system.”

It doesn’t matter that they’re wrong. Until they believe that the right operational model will unlock the life of their dreams (one without late-night work sessions, constant client ‘fires,’ and leaky cash flow), they’ll never invest in The System.

Nic knew that talking about theories, concepts, and tactics wasn’t enough to shift his market beliefs. He’d been doing that for months and no one was biting. He needed a new way to market his offer.

“I’ve seen so many doctored screenshots that are blurred out and highlighted and I don’t really know what any of them mean.”—Nic

When Nic first heard about the Social Proof Club, it made him think of review bribes, doctored “after” photos, and selectively-blurred metrics screenshots. And that’s not the type of marketing tactics he wanted to use inside his business.

He wanted a way to sell to cold traffic, but not at the cost of protecting his audience and honoring their attention.

He didn’t want to invest in a marketing system that didn’t line up with his values, his priorities, or his standards. And he definitely didn’t want to blend in with the online marketing crowd that’s all about publishing braggy testimonials and closing deals at all costs.

Inside Social Proof Club, we showed him how he could implement a simple process for documenting real client results, cataloging unfiltered stories, capturing unscripted videos, and publishing honest client stories. No Photoshop needed.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate or fair to have your salespeople get on the phone and be like ‘just trust me.’”

The tipping point came when Nic looked at his sales call numbers. Now, for context, Nic’s a world-class salesman. But he doesn’t “hard sell,” twist people’s arms or convince them to make a decision they’re not ready for.

And Nic realized that many of The System’s cold traffic prospects needed convincing—or just needed more details, more clarity, and more answers.

He didn’t want to say, “just trust me.” He wanted them to show up to calls already having a high level of trust and certainty.

Beyond that, Nic knew that if the people who booked calls weren’t sure, there were hundreds of more people in his audience that weren’t even bothering to schedule a call—because their doubt was too high.

He joined so he could use client success stories to start to answer questions, smash objections, and cultivate belief in his work…long before the point of the sale.

 “Think of bungee jumping. You get your friend to go first.”—Nic

That’s how Nic explains the “Gift of Going Second” principle that we teach. It’s the idea that seeing someone go before you eases your fear, doubt, and objections. When someone else goes first, it makes everything easier: from going bungee jumping to hiring a systems consultant.

We helped Nic leverage the “Gift of Going Second” in his marketing by sharing client stories that match up with the different personas his team works with—from agency owners to creative solopreneurs, to corporations.

When his audience sees these stories, they get to “borrow” trust, belief, and certainty from the people who’ve gone before them. And we knew it would help Nic’s market feel better about investing (and make it 10x easier to schedule a call).

“The social proof system that has been set up to capture stories throughout the entire journey is brilliant.”

Nic noticed that none of the consultants in his industry had a system for sharing client results. The standard practice was to set up a webpage, copy + paste random testimonials onto the page, and let viewers sift through the page, unguided (in hopes they’ll find a review that kinda resonates).

As a “systems guy,” he leveraged the Gift of Going Second System to capture and share client stories with intention.

Every story, testimonial, example, quote, and client asset has a place in the sales process. Like Nic explains, “if this person is at this place, let’s see if we can get them to see this piece of a story.”

Different stories are leveraged for different reasons during the sales process—to capture attention, build belief, smash objections, or serve as a call to action.

It took a month for Nic to set up his first story system, but when he did, it didn’t take long to start seeing results.

“I just closed one of our perfect clients. He opened the email with the testimonial, scheduled another call, and enrolled.”—Nic

In April, Nic got on the phone with an ideal client: a $4M agency owner. The call went well, but the business owner got cold feet and didn’t close.

In the past, that might have been the end of the sales cycle. But with Gift of Going Second Framework, Nic built a follow-up story loop into his CRM. 

A couple of days later, the agency owner got an email from Nic—an email that included a 60-second success story video from a recent client.

The agency owner opened the email, watched the client story, booked another call, and hired Nic’s team.

A perfect deal, saved by a one-minute iPhone video that told the right story at the right time.

“She was hoping, “maybe if I enrolled with these guys now, I can be as carefree as Sarah is in Mexico right now.”

The follow-up story loop isn’t the only social proof system that’s generating sales for Nic.

He also sends a series of automated emails out to everyone who subscribes to his email list. In one of those emails, he shares a short video from Sarah, a recent client who enjoyed a work-free tropical vacation for the first time in years—after The System helped her restructure her copywriting business.

Just a few weeks ago, he got on the phone with a woman who’d been planning a trip (but didn’t know if she could take time off from her demanding medical business). She’d booked the call because she’d seen Sarah’s story…and hoped that could be her story, too.

Five-star reviews and standard testimonials are fine. But nothing moves the needle like a bite-sized story that paints a picture of what you’re dreaming of right this second.

The right story turns a boring offer into a compelling one, a complicated offer into a simple one, and a “maybe later” offer into an urgent one.

Not because of false hype or fake scarcity, but because stories are more real than anything else. 


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