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Meet Kyle

The agency owner who’s bringing a story-driven sales process to the corporate marketplace (and challenging the traditional marketing status quo every step of the way).  


The Highlights


Kyle runs a full-spectrum marketing agency headquartered in Seattle, and his company has mastered the process telling stories for their clients (and turning those stories into sales).
Along the way, his own marketing fell by the wayside. He wasn’t capturing client success stories. And in many cases, he wasn’t even getting basic reviews or testimonials at project completion—thanks to badly-timed employee turnover within his corporate clients.


When he started implementing the Gift of Going Second System, he realized that didn’t have to happen anymore.
He could take control by building checkpoints, feedback loops, and connection conversations into every phase of the client partnership and use all those social proof assets to answer his prospects’ objections and better market his brand.


After years of ‘dropping the ball’ on his own marketing, Kyle’s clients now tell the important stories for him.
He’s capturing every step in their work together, so regardless of personnel changes, he always how long the sales process takes, he always has a positive story to share.
Most importantly, he’s come back to his core values—instead of working to get a testimonial, he’s telling sharing compelling client stories.

“Social Proof Club changed my paradigm of what social proof really is.”—Kyle

If you spend an hour with Kyle, you’ll quickly learn he’s passionate about breaking barriers, coloring outside the lines, and doing something different. He wants to make a positive impact in this world and in everybody around him.

In an industry rife with manipulative marketing, scammy (or scummy) business practices, and profit-driven CEOs that trample the individual...

...he wants to buck the status quo.

He sees business owners become so obsessed with the next client, the next quarter, and the next figure on a balance sheet that they stop taking care of their current clients.

Kyle was doing the opposite. He was so focused on getting results for his clients that he stopped marketing his own company.

He’d get to the end of massive client campaigns and realize that there weren’t any social proof assets to show for it. After months and months of work, data had fallen through the cracks, client energy had faded, and employee turnover had made it impossible to get the full story from anyone.

“There’s gotta be a different way.”—Kyle

Kyle knew there had to be a way to market his services with more intention (without selling out his values). To tell his clients’ stories in a way that was “people driven rather than profit driven.” To build a trust-based sales process.

He wanted his client relationships to be just that, a relationship—not a means-to-the-end of “scaling for the sake of more money."

In his own words, Kyle just wants do is “tell [his] client stories and help make their voice heard.”

So, he didn’t embrace any traditional internet marketing tactics: gimmicky Facebook ads, mass emails, or pushy sales scripts. Instead, he started asking questions.

Kyle had zero interest in telling self-centered stories, making arrogant claims, or broadcasting his brilliance. He wanted his clients (and their results) to take centerstage.

“Rather than us trying to tell our own story, how do we get our clients to tell the story for us?”—Kyle

He knew that his best projects always came from word-of-mouth referrals, in-person networking, and old connections.

Because whenever his past clients talked about their work with his built trust, traction, and confidence faster than anything else.

But he didn’t know how to make that happen, at scale. He didn’t know how to take word-of-mouth-style client acquisition into the digital marketing era.

“Social Proof Club changed my paradigm of what social proof really is.”

When Kyle first heard about the Social Proof Club, he wasn’t interested—because he didn’t think social proof was the answer.

For Kyle, ‘social proof’ made him think of baited reviews, cheesy feedback forms, or impersonal follow-up emails demanding a positive testimonial.

Soon, though, his perspective changed. He realized that social proof goes a lot deeper than five-star reviews or one-sentence testimonials.

In his own words, he realized that “it’s not just about getting a testimonial to say ‘I increased revenue by 500%.’”

Social proof is about capturing, documenting, and sharing a client’s you can share it with your buyers in a way that answers questions and builds trust.

Once Kyle identified social proof as the key to story-driven, client-focused, people-driven marketing, he just needed to find a way to build it into his complicated corporate partnerships.

“How do I keep clients connected through a long buying cycle?”—Kyle

Kyle faced two unique problems: a long sales cycle, and a long fulfillment process.

Since Kyle works on large corporate projects, it’s not unusual for months to pass between the initial contract and the (hopefully) closed sale. During that time, it can be a difficult dance to keep decision-makers engaged with the process—and keep them from getting cold feet because of a concern or objection.

The Gift of Going Second Testimonial System is helping Kyle present client stories, case study data, and relevant testimonials during that whole time, to keep buyers excited and invested.

Additionally, this social proof system also helps Kyle and his team capture, catalog, and structure massive amounts of client data—with a super simple system.

In the past, social proof opportunities were falling through the cracks when data wasn’t tracked, when primary contacts relocated, or when testimonial-gathering was left till the end of the project (and memories had already faded).

Now, they’re getting compelling stories from every phase of the client relationship—and those stories are fueling the next client relationship.  

“I want to do business with my kind of people.”

The right stories attract the right clients. And that’s Kyle’s biggest priority right now.

As his agency continues to grow, he wants to work with businesses he loves, trusts, and respects. By telling raw and honest stories from past client relationships, he knows he’s drawing the attention of dream clients and corporations all over the country... pushy sales tactics.


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