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The estate planner and law consultant who 10x’ed his review rates (and his “trust equity”) with a streamlined social proof system.  


The Highlights


As an advisor and estate planner, Chris is passionate about helping people protect themselves while they’re alive and protect their families when they’re gone.
But in an industry built on trust, Chris knew that his businesses’ lack of testimonials, meaningful reviews, and social proof was keeping people from finding and investing in his work.
Chris’ review follow-up method was, in his own words, “embarrassing and ineffective.”


Although virtually all of his customers were happy with his services, only 5% of them followed up with a short review thanking Chris for getting their papers in order.
And the reviews were bland: no “why,” no personal connection, no story.
The Social Proof Club gave him the system he’d been looking for, a start-to-finish process for documenting and sharing his clients’ experiences.


Now, Chris has a foolproof system in place to document ALL his clients’ stories (and share them in a way that builds trust in the marketplace).
Instead of a generic email asking for a basic Google or Yelp review, Chris builds intentional, personal connection points into every step of the client process—capturing their motivation, expectations, and satisfaction.
New clients sign with Chris because they know dozens of people ‘just like them’ have already worked with him to protect their families.  

“If you can see proof that someone has had a good result or a good experience or gotten what is promised, then it makes it easier for the next person to say yes.”—Chris

Chris knows that no one wants to ‘take a risk’ on a service provider—especially a lawyer. And that’s why social proof is so foundational in his industry.

But knowing that social proof is important isn’t the same as applying successful social proof strategies. So Chris’ follow-up system with clients was rudimentary. At the end of a project, he’d send an automated email with a link to leave a Google or Yelp review if they were happy with his services.

Only a few clients (less than 5%) left reviews. And they usually sounded like this:

“Chris was awesome to work with! My papers are all in order.”

That was a problem. Because when people come to Chris, they’re inviting them into their family, their money, and their future. They’re talking about important relationships and assets.

And his survey-garnered reviews weren’t doing much to cultivate trust or confidence.

I wasn’t capturing my client’s stories at all...”—Chris

Chris’s review system wasn’t cutting it. The impersonal feedback on his business pages wasn’t building trust or gaining traction. And even though he can “tell you how good my services are all day,” he knew his word alone wouldn’t be enough either.

To build trust with his future clients, he needed something more.

They needed stories.

Stories of clients who’d worked with him, protected their families through him, and slept better at night because of his work.

Chris knew that sharing the stories of his diverse clients would help future clients understand and invest in his services…

...he just needed a process for capturing these stories (because the ‘click here to leave a review’ system wasn’t enough).

Chris calls himself a “systems guy.” He has everything in his businesses systemized, from finances to marketing. But he also knows that systems take time to develop. They take trial and error, experimentation, and optimization.

“The Gift of Going Second was a system that would show me and teach me what to do.”—Chris

So instead of building a social proof system from the ground up, he used the proven Gift of Going Second System to capture each step of the client experience (and build their stories into his sales process at every level).

Chris implemented the plug-and-play system in 60 days, and now he has meaningful touch points with his clients during each phase of their work together.

Instead of a one-sentence review at the very end, he now gets to share their entire journey—from their motivation for seeking estate security, to their questions and concerns at pivotal moments, to their experience working with him and his team.

It’s all packaged into a story that’s designed to do one thing: show his future clients that there’s nothing to worry about.

They’re not “the first.”

“Trust is everything.”—Chris

Chris knows better than most: consumer trust is hard to come by. In an industry rife with scams and underwhelming results, prospects are slow to trust the word of a salesman.

And ten-word review blurbs do little to move the needle when skepticism already runs high.

That’s why it’s so powerful for Christ to have a framework for capturing every clients’ full story—and publishing meaningful pieces of each story at relevant points in the sales process.

Got a question? There’s a story for that. Got an objection? There’s a story for that. Need some clarity? There’s a story for that.

Chris describes the Gift of Going Second as an investment that has “compound returns” because “every story that you capture is going to live on for a long time.”

“I always assume that people are satisfied, but to see them actually verbalize that feels good.”

Not only does the social proof build confidence in Chris’ customer base, it also revives his confidence as a business owner and service provider.

He always knew that his clients were being taken care of and receiving excellent service. But now, he gets to hear from them on a daily basis, thanks to the connection points and feedback loops that are now built into the fulfillment process.

Getting to hear their stories, victories, and gratitude keeps him going on hard days and reminds him why he’s doing this work in the first place.

Chris says that the improved client relationships, streamlined system, and customer-focused stories are “changing the game” for his business and “making happier clients.”

“If you can see proof that someone has had a good result or a good experience or gotten what is promised, then it makes it easier for the next person to say yes.”

Chris wants to make it easy for his next clients to trust them—without needing pushy marketing, sleazy promos, or twist-your-arm sales tactics.

With the Gift of Going Second System, he now has a process for building marketplace trust and addressing the concerns, questions, and objections of his customer base… intentionally sharing the stories of previous clients who’ve done it all before.

No one gambles with their life and the lives of their family members, and that’s why this system is integral to the Chris’ law firm’s growth.

New clients feel good about working with him, because they’ve seen that Chris delivers on his promises and takes care of his people.

After all, as Chris puts it, “everybody likes to go second.”

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