Get 5-Star Reviews That Attract Dream Clients On Autopilot

Transform your online reviews from crickets and empty one-liners into a powerful marketing asset that’ll attract your dream clients—on autopilot.



What's Included

By the end of this 2 hour masterclass recording, you'll have a clear path and step-by-step guidance to:

  • Take control of your online reviews and generate non-stop 5-star reviews attract your dream clients
  • The most important "gift" you can give your prospects—the gift of going second—and why it's vital in 2019 and beyond
  • Pick the best review platform and standing heads and shoulders above your competition
  • How to ask for reviews without feeling sleazy or looking desperate, thus preserving your client relationships
  • Exactly when to ask for reviews (this is where most service providers misstep)
  • Encourage thorough and detailed reviews that paint a picture of what it's actually like to work with you
  • The secret last step to online reviews that nobody talks about...but where all the power is
  • And finally, how to use those reviews to draw a crowd of perfect people
  • No wait, and finally finally, automating all that so it runs without you constantly pressing buttons and pulling levers
  • And much more!

Plus These Instant Momentum Generating Bonuses


Bonus #1: Instant Implementation + Delegation Kit ($397 Value)

A complete workbook, chock full of templates, swipe copy, and step-by-step instructions showing you how to get everything up and running smoothly so you can instantly implement or delegate your 5-Star Review System to your VA, personal assistant, or marketing team

Bonus #2: Google My Business Optimization Training ($197 Value)

In this 60-minute training we'll dive into the core aspects of your Google My Business Profile you can optimize to rank higher and separate yourself from the pack to attract dream clients even while you sleep.

Who Is This For?


If you're a Local Service Provider and Brick and Mortar Business who wants a simple way to attract new dream clients, this is for you.

If you:

  • Want to stop leaving reviews up to chance
  • Are curious about how you can stand out in the crowded market
  • Want to be the obvious first choice, so your dream clients stop scrolling to your competition
  • Have a burning desire to save time with clear, concise direction on exactly what you can do to ensure an endless flow of positive reviews
  • Want the secret insight into online reviews that no one is talking about
  • Feel like your competitors know something you don’t about filling their online profiles with 5-star reviews

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Generate 5-Star Reviews That Attract Your
Dream Clients On Autopilot

2-Hour Masterclass Recording

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Instant Delegation Toolkit
($397 Value)

Google My Business Optimization Training
($197 Value)

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with the incredible insight and exact steps you should be taking immediately, just request a refund within 14 questions asked.

Hi, We're Justin & Michelle

We love love love telling stories. 

Heck yes!

No wait, not our own—yours. And your clients.

We’ve been in the film and tv world telling stories from tv networks, creative agencies, corporations and brands alike for over a decade. Even won an Emmy in the process (that was neat).

These days we help service providers like yourself turn your incredible client results into non-stop selling machines that attract and book new dream clients with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email us if you have any other questions

Well, are those reviews coming in steadily? Are those reviews powerful motivators for prospects to reach out? How hard are you working for those reviews? Have you turned your proven process for endless reviews into a powerful automated machine of 5-star excellence? Do you like just hanging with two awesome people?

We’re confident that at minimum you’ll leave this workshop with even just 1 actionable step you can take to bring way more than $67 in through your doors.

A platform is just a platform. These strategies are ones that you can use toward whatever house your reviews best need to live in. Or if you’re not sure what those platforms might be, we cover that as well. ;)

More than anything! People nowadays invest in trust. 20 years of experience might do that but really...if they don’t have the reviews to show that they’re consistently delivering exceptional results to their clients but you do...who do you think online strangers might be more comfortable reaching out to? This is your chance to start early, start right, and start taking over the world. (again, figuratively).

No, this is not that at all. This is two people giving you the exact strategy you can use to generate endless 5-star reviews (assuming, you know, that you do what you say you’re going to do for the clients you serve). In this training we’ll talk about automation and reputation management software, but those aren’t ours...just ones we’ve come to trust and suggest you might do the same.

Yes. Big time. There is a certain sequence of events that need to occur to get your clients excited to share a powerful review. We'll cover all of them in this live workshop.

Once you sign up for the live workshop, you’ll have access to the workshop + any bonus materials we include forever. We will have the workshop replay available for everyone who purchases.

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with the incredible insight and exact steps you should be taking immediately, just request a refund within 14 questions asked.


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